All of our shutters are custom made by experienced craftsmen at our factory in Plano, TX using tried and true methods:

  • Methods: Each step in our process is hand worked and inspected to ensure exceptional quality for our customers.
    • Precision Milled: Each shutter is precision milled to ensure a snug, professional fit at the time of delivery.
    • Hand Assembled: Our shutters are assembled by hand using double dowel joinery which increases rigidity and prevents sagging in larger panels.
    • Lacquer Finish: After manually sanding each panel, we paint (or stain) each panel in-house using a hard lacquer finish. Our method ensures that your shutters will continue to look brand new for many years.
  • Materials: Our shutters are made exclusively of Basswood. This lightweight, yet sturdy hardwood is hand-selected and patiently kiln-dried to reduce the wood's expansion and contraction in weather.