About Us

Creative Shutters has built quality plantation shutters for fine homes in Texas since 1996, from our plant in Plano, Texas. We manufacture and install a higher quality shutter at a lower price then most in our market. Consumers and the Better Business Bureau seem to agree. Repeat and referral customers are Creative Shutters greatest source of new business. OUR SHUTTER IS 100% AMERICAN MADE.

Creative Shutters makes wood shutters in every shape and size, from sunbursts, bay windows, circles and sliding doors, to eyebrows and french doors. There is now window that can’t be covered. Our shutters are available in a huge variety of colors, including customer stain and paint matches. Most orders can be manufactured and installed within 8 weeks. Creative Shutters makes all its shutters out of Northern Basswood. WHY?

Basswood shutters are a natural product built to bring warmth and character to fine homes. Like marble baths, granite countertops, oak floors, and fine wool rugs, basswood shutters are deep and rich materials that create an authenticity and sense of permanence that synthetic materials cannot duplicate.

Strongest, Lightest Material: Basswood has a greater strength-to-weight ratio in its natural form then any other shutter material.

Greatest Return on Investment: According to most real-estate estimators and brokers, well-made basswood shutters typically increase resale value more then other window coverings.

Environmentally Sound: Our shutters are made here in the USA. We do not import our shutters from China. Therefore, we are 100% knowledgeable about our quality, construction, and paint. We will not be recalling shutters because of lead paint issues. We control every aspect of our construction and delivery of our shutters.

If you need any proof of what is in this pamphlet, we invite you to come and tour our facilities. On trip is all you will need to feel confident that you are dealing with the right company.