Builders & Designers

We offer two partnership models to all of our builders and designers.


The affiliate model is the easiest model to implement. Essentially, Creative Shutters requires only that builders and designers refer customers to us.

Creative Shutters takes care of the rest. We’ll create a marketing program, meet with homeowners, install the shutters and fulfill customer billing.


The wholesale model offers builders and designers the option to directly re-sell shutters to homeowners. Creative Shutters provides a wide array of support services to provide a window treatment program that works for you.

Services available to our Wholesale partners:

  1. One-on-One Training: Creative Shutters will meet with you to train you on the ins and outs of sales of shutters.
  2. Dedicated Sales Support: We will provide a dedicated sales and product support specialist who will assist you and your customers throughout the entire buying process.
  3. Design Consultation: Our sales representatives can offer you advice on all available shutter options including: color selection, louver selection, hardware color options, mounting, installing, etc.
  4. Installation: All of our shutters are sold with installation included. Our professional installers are employees of Creative Shutters and not subcontractors. Using in-house installers allows us to provide your customer a lifetime warranty.